Thursday, January 28, 2010

Banded Together

My wedding band is finished and I wanted to share it with you all. I absolutely can't wait to wear it everyday.

This is the ring before . It was a ring my parents gave to me as a purity ring when I was a teenager. It wasn't really my style anymore but I wanted to turn in into something I would have forever.

(look at the beautiful packaging it came in, a little wooden box with a glass lid!)

I found Bario Neal a few months ago and decided to have them make my wedding band. They used the four diamonds from my original ring and recycled the gold for me.

They did an absolutely fabulous job and I am so deeply in love with it. It is perfect for me and I am so happy that it is something no one else will have and that the diamonds are so personal to me. Bario Neal uses all recycled metals and ethically mined gems and they donate some of their profit to charity (and are super reasonably priced to begin with).

They even have my ring on their website under custom work right here.


Laura said...

That is so cool!!!! They have some really awesome jewelry on there. Love your unique style!

katherine morrow jones said...
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