Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am always on the lookout for cute gifts, things to have on hand when you need that little something. Awhile back I was shopping and happened upon Keel's Simple Diary at American Rag's Maison-Midi.


They came in all the right colors, have a wonderful leathery feel, and the best pages. Aside from this blog I do not keep a journal. I have tried at many points in my life but came to realize it's just not for me. But then this pops up and it's like it was made for me. Little detailed questions, boxes to check off, and a quirky sense of nonsense that makes me want to fill up all the pages.


I quickly snapped up the yellow one for myself and the brown one for a very special friend in mind. I knew she would be just the one to appreciate something like this. I definitely need to go stock up on a few other colors for the time when I need just the right gift.

(images via Nordtrom)

Monday, October 19, 2009

japanese goods

One of my favorite things to do when I am bored (who am I kidding, I cancel errands) is to go to one of three Japanese markets in my area and shop around. I mostly hit the non-food areas of the store for little gems. My favorite finds are always the different paper goods and pens and clips. An office supply lovers dream!

I absolutely love making lists. I make them for everything and anything; groceries, projects, things to blog about, to-do's. I also love little notebooks, I have about a thousand. If you can't think of anything to get me, buy me a cute little notepad, and when I saw this one it was like two wonderful things colliding to bring me joy!

I've already used it to make two lists! Also, I saw these on the lovely blog of Miss Jordan Ferney awhile back and just about died at how cute they were.

I couldn't really justify buying them at the time seeing as 1. I didn't need them and 2. paying for shipping (for paperclips I might add) but once I saw them in person, the next thing I know I am being handed my change and I am walking out the door with them in my purse.

Even though my first reason for not buying them hasn't changed, I will find some papers that need clipping together. And if I don't, they make for cute storytelling.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

band camp

I know I have been a bad blogger.

I am trying to take care of some little things for the wedding that can be done now and one of those is getting my wedding band made. I found one online and fell in love with it but then remembered that my parents gave me a ring when I was 16 that has four small diamonds in it that I never wear. Bario Neal was featured on Snippet & Ink and I was just enamored with their rings. Once I saw that they do custom work I emailed them right away with a picture of the original ring I loved and they said they could easily make it with the diamonds I have. It is going to be much cheaper and better for the environment. Bario Neal uses only recycled gold and they donate 1% to charity.

I am so excited to get my wedding band and show it to you all. We haven't looked for Steve's band yet but he wants something simple and silver so that shouldn't be too hard, right?

(images Bario Neal , Melissa Joy Manning , and Yoon Jungyun)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

cute card

Last weekend, we were lucky to enjoy two of our lovely friends getting married. Since we were going to be in the San Luis Obispo area (the wedding was in Parkfield ) and that is where are wonderful photographer Jeff Newsom is from, we decided to do our engagement photos while we were up there. I am so excited to see how they turn out!

As much as I love all the wonderful letterpressed cards out there, I have been dying for an opportunity to make this lovely card from Lovely Morning.

Also on our way to Parkfield, there were these adorable baby cows right on the side of the road. I hope their cuteness brightens your day!