Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ring Bowl

Paloma's Nest has been making it's rounds on the wedding blogs for awhile now so I decided to jump on the wagon and acquire one of their custom ring bowls for us.

Paloma's Nest studio is powered by 100% renewable wind energy and uses recycled materials whenever possible. The packaging was almost as nice as the product itself! We aren't having a wedding party let alone a ring bearer so our officiant, Kelsey, will just have carry it in his pocket.

Not only will this be a wonderful keepsake from our wedding day but we can use it as an ornament afterward. Steve and I have a little tradition of buying/making/getting ornaments as vacation keepsakes and significant events or things in our lives. And I can't think of anything more significant in our lives up to this point than our wedding.

I can't wait to marry such a wonderful, loving, caring, intelligent, and funny man. He really is my other half and I am so much more complete with him.


Dominique said...

livi this is beautiful! i never read blogs... but i just discovered that there are links to blogs on facebook and this little nest caught my eye... and then i read your entry. SOOOOO beautiful! i love it! and i can't wait!

Mama B said...

Love this! It will be perfect for you and Steve! Such a great idea. It is going ot be such a beautiful wedding! Love you.

milizita said...

yes it is beautiful, and for sure very special! congratulations!